Sesame seeds
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Sesame seeds

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Pleasant little nutty taste and can slip into multiple preparations.

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Sesame seeds have been an integral part of the staple diet in the Middle East for a very long time.

They have great nutritional value, as well as the oil that is extracted from them.


Sesame seeds can be used for savory dishes and sweet desserts. Add sesame seeds to your batter the next time you bake homemade bread, muffins or cookies.

Sesame seeds also provide a great kick when added to broccoli lightly drizzled with lemon juice.

Try tossing sesame seeds into rice vinegar, tamari sauce or soy sauce, then add minced garlic to create a delicious dressing for salads, vegetables or noodles.

For a quick Asian-inspired dinner, sauté chicken with sesame seeds, tamari sauce or soy sauce, add garlic, ginger and your favorite vegetables.

Toasting the sesame seeds helps bring out their full nutty flavor.

To toast the sesame seeds, place them in a dry skillet over medium heat, or on a baking sheet at 135°C (275°F) in the oven until golden and fragrant, about 5 minutes.

To fully benefit from the properties of sesame, it must be crushed and pounded before consumption. Otherwise most of the seeds end up whole in the stool and the nutrients will not be absorbed.


Sesame is laxative, anti-arthritic, and beneficial for the nervous system.

It is an excellent remineralising, depurative, antioxidant.

It is protective of the cardiovascular system.

It is used to facilitate blood circulation, digestion, and states of fatigue.

The folic acid it contains is essential for cell constitution, and highly recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy, even before conception.

It also strengthens the immunity of newborns and promotes lactation


Kept dry and protected from light, in an airtight container.

The product sold: Resealable bag.

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