Badiane Star Anise
  • Badiane Star Anise

Badiane Star Anise

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Aromatic, digestive, fluidifying bronchial secretions.

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The star anise (or star anise) has fresh and hot aroma reminiscent of liquorice flavors.


It is used in marinades, pastries, fruit salads. Whole, crushed, crushed, ground, distilled, star anise is used in all forms in bakery, pastry and confectionery. It goes into the manufacture of liqueurs and aperitifs. It is one of the components of pastis and anisette.

Associations fish, duck, grated carrots, gingerbread, pork, chicken, shellfish, pumpkin, cream, tea.

Roasts and Chickens: Place 1 to 2 stars of star anise in the heart of your chicken or near your roast before baking.


The star anise infusions heals aerophagia, nervous vomiting, migraines, it is also diuretic.


Keep Badiane "star anise" in a cool, dry place away from light, in a glass jar.

The product sold: Resealable bag.

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