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Natural teeth whitening

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Walnut bark (Souak, siwak) is tonic and invigorating throughout the mouth. It's sort of a natural toothpaste.

The use of the souak is very ancient, and is still passed on from generation to generation, especially in the Muslim world, adopted in particular because it was part of the habits of the prophet Mohamed.

Weight: 25g

Virtues of walnut bark (the Suak, siwak).

It is a fine branch used for centuries in the Near East.

Today, pharmacology confirms that this branch contains antiseptic, whitening and sanitizing active ingredients, while preserving the fauna of the mouth.

The souak has tonic and astringent properties on the gums, which makes it possible to eliminate food particles inaccessible to brushing. In addition, its antiseptic properties optimize its action against bad breath.

Only small inconvenience the "swak el harr" or "swak fort" can sometimes lead to sensations of small burns not serious and very transient, quite supportable.

Try to choose it not too dry.

Using advice:

They are small branches of the walnut bark that are applied to the gums and teeth (rubbing them for 5 to 10 minutes). They quickly take on a beautiful brown tint and the teeth become very white. You can also chew it.

Type of packaging: packed individually in a bag.

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